Apple 1 Back Story:


     The founders of Apple knew that one of the keys to long term success was Customer Support.  In the beginning that meant Steve Wozniak took customer phone calls to help in any way he could with the Apple 1.  With the launch of the Apple II, everyone in engineering (and some of the production line technicians) took calls... but most Apple 1 questions still had to be taken by Woz.  It was decided that to best support the Apple 1 owners the easiest thing to do was convert them to Apple II owners.  Apple offered a trade-in deal to Apple 1 owners: trade in the Apple 1 for an Apple II (by late 1978 the offer also included a Disk Drive!).  Most were traded in.  This freed Woz from phone duties, rewarded early Apple adopters with a more capable computer, and allowed Apple to fulfill its commitment to great Customer Service.


      Cliff dropped into Steve Jobs' office one day and couldn't help but notice the huge pile of Apple 1 boards - those that had been traded-in for the Apple II.  "What are you going to do with those?", Cliff asked.  Steve told him that they were to be destroyed.  "Mind if I take one...  Oh!   And one for my brother?", Cliff asked.  Steve reached into the pile and pulled out two boards and handed them to Cliff.  Many people around Apple were amused and asked, "Why would you want one of those?"  "It's history," was the reply, "just history."


      Though hundreds of Apple 1 computers were sold, the trade-in deal reduced the population to the few that exist today.  This is one that that got a last minute reprieve from the band-saw death pile!


* Presented with permission of Dick and Cliff Huston